Day #31. Camping with Joy while Camping de la joie

LOCATION:  Quebec City, Quebec.  In the northern outskirts
CAMPGROUND:  Camping de la Joie.  Wow!  How appropriate!  Full hook-ups.  Shady.  Woodsy.  Level site.  Nice, rustic firepit.  New picnic table.  Nice showers.  $45/night.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Still cool.  High 63.  Nights down in the 30s. 

While in Sherbrooke this morning, Jenny, Tony, and I took an hour-long brisk hike on a really nice bike/hike trail just outside of the campground.  The trail followed the river and for most of it, we were in a beautiful forest with lots of ferns.

We packed up and headed toward Quebec City.  If we had taken the main highway, it would have been only 3 hours, but we took the back roads, through mostly farmland and small towns.  They must raise a lot of pigs in this region, as there many signs “Welcome to XXXville” with pictures of pigs.  However, there was not a pig to be seen…I think they were hidden in barns.

Our RV park is on the north side of town, and we were coming in from the south, so that meant that we had to drive straight through the city.  I passed the reins over to George and I tried to help him navigate.  A bit scary knowing which lane to be in.

The name of this RV park is Camping de la joie!  (Camping with joy). When we checked in, I showed the receptionist Joy’s name on the trailer and she thought it was wonderful. 

George, Tony, and Jenny went shopping while I took a nice hot shower.  Then, George built a fire and we warmed up around the fire, and planned our time in Quebec City. 

Even though we are close to the city, it is nice and woodsy here.

DINNER:  Tony’s turn.  We started with some yummy Quebec pate’ with slices of baguette.  Main course was grilled steak, mashed potatoes, and steamed asparagus.  All accompanied by a French rose’ (with the pate’) and French cabernet, with the steak.  We started eating outside on the picnic table, but decided to move inside when it got too cool.

We are looking forward to tomorrow, spending the whole day in the Old City. 

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