Day #30 – The Murals of Sherbrooke

LOCATION:  Sherbrooke, Quebec
CAMPGROUND:  Ille de Marie
WEATHER:  Chilly and rainy.  High 58

Jenny and I started the day with a 30-minute power walk.  We wanted to get it done before the rain started.  This RV park is on an island. Many of the seasonal sites are right on the river and are set up very nicely.

Sure enough, about noon, it started raining and the temperature dropped.  Not a very pleasant day.  So, what to do?  A brewpub of course!

We went into Sherbrooke, planning to do the mural walking tour.  These are at the Information Center.  Really well done.

However, the weather just was not cooperating, so we returned to the brewpub we had found the other day (as the other two in town don’t open until evening).  We shared a bison tartare platter.  Really good.  The meat was seasoned just right.

Back at Joy, it was a good day for a nap (George) and reading (me). 

Tomorrow we leave Sherbrooke and head for Quebec City, about 3 hours from here. This map shows our stops during the last 2 weeks – 1) the Finger Lakes Region of New York, 2) Plattsburgh, NY, 3) Sherbrooke, Quebec, and 4) Quebec City. (The red circle is our current location of Sherbrooke)

DINNER:  My turn tonight.  Italian night!  Since it was still wet and cold outside, we ate inside Joy.  For appetizers, I served some chipotle-flavored Quebec sausage with tortilla chips.  The main course was lasagne, with a salad and ciabatta rolls.  Pretty tasty. 

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