Day #29 – Louise Penny’s “Three Pines”

LOCATION:  Sherbrooke, Quebec
CAMPGROUND:  Ille de Marie RV Park
WEATHER:  After a freezing night (31), it warmed up to be a beautiful day at 78

Tony, Jenny and I did a 30-minute power walk around the RV park.  It is so large that just a few circles of the park netted us about 2 miles worth of exercise. 

Then, while George puttered around Joy, the three of us drove into Sherbrooke.  First stop was the Visitors’ Center where we picked up pamplets (a brewery map for George), and got some suggestions of things to do here.  Then, on to the supermarket for a few things.

George and I took off shortly thereafter headed toward Knowlton, about an hour from here.  I have read all of Louise Penny’s books featuring Inspector Gamache that take place in an lovely-sounding village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec called Three Pines.  This is her most recent one….

The village is not real, but was created in the author’s mind by combining landmarks and scenery from towns around the area, including Knowlton.  It has become so popular that tourist companies offer Louise Penny tours, driving tourists to all of the well-loved places described in the books.   We did it on our own by starting at the bistro that the Inspector likes to frequent.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed a hummus and cheese sandwich.  People switched between French and English seamlessly. 

We found the bookstore that is featured in the books, too.  They do a lot of promotions now in the shop. It is very cute.

The last place we stopped at was the Historical Society in the book, and is now a museum. 

The museum displays a painting that was featured in the movie made from one of Louise Penny’s books.   For those familiar with her books, one can spot some of the main characters, such as Ruth now transformed into a goat.  A bit odd.

The town of Knowlton, also known as Lac Brome, sits on a lake (Lake Brome) and is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen.  The homes surrounding the lake look like they have come out of Architectural Digest. 

We found a nice public walking/biking trail that winds through the area ending at the lake.  Quite nice.

George drove back to Sherbrooke, speeding all the way! 

Not!  (He switched the car’s system to metric)

We stopped at one of the brewpubs (microbrasseries) in Sherbrooke for a quick drink.  I tried ordering in French, but the bartender quickly switched to English.  (I guess my accent is not very good!) 

Back at the campground, Tony had appetizers and drinks awaiting us.

It is his turn for the meal tonight.  We started with some Quebec sausages and Vermont cheeses.

He cooked up a delicious platter of gnocchi with mushrooms (shiitake and crimini) and broccoli in an Alfredo sauce.  Tres bon! 

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