Day #27 – Camping again with our friends

LOCATION:  Plattsburgh, New York
CAMPGROUND:  Twin Ells Campground.  Our friends Tony and Jenny have been staying here.  We joined them today.  99% seasonal sites with a special area for short-term RVers.  Nice fire pit and picnic table.  Showers just ok.  Nice laundry.  $56/night.  3 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Warmed up in the afternoon after a cool morning.  High 70

We had a good overnight at the Harvest Host brewery in Plattsburgh.  Our neighbors were a family from Quebec.  They said they really like Harvest Hosts, too.

Back to our usual routine….George made some of his delicious grits and eggs.  He served them with heirloom tomato slices and bacon.  Note the cool coffee cup  — “Find Joy in the Journey”.  How appropriate!  I found it in a thrift shop a few years ago.

We were able to pick up “CBS Sunday Morning” which we enjoyed after several Sundays without it.  Then, on to the campground.

We are set up in a “friends together” campsite.  We are situated so that each trailer’s front door faces each other. 

I did some cooking to prepare for the border crossing.  In case fresh veggies aren’t allowed, I cooked up some bell peppers and onions for a future meal.  We know that we cannot take fresh eggs across so we hard-boiled some, and I made a frittata with the rest.  We counted out our alcohol so that between all of us, we will be under the limit.

We met Tony and Jenny on our first camping trip, after I retired in 2013.  We first introduced ourselves in a warming cabin on a cool, rainy day in Newfoundland at a Provincial Park in western Newfoundland.  After about a week, when we were on the east side of the island, we ran into them again…this time in a laundry room in a campground.  We really hit it off, and have been meeting up with each other almost ever year since then.  Today, over my “world famous” margaritas, we compiled our times together….

Sep 2013 – Newfoundland
June 2014 – Badlands, North Dakota
July 2015 – Southern British Colombia 
Aug 2016 – Great Sand Dunes NP, Michigan
Spring 2017 – Grasslands, Riding Mountain NP, Bengough – Saskatchewan
Aug 2017 – Idaho, California National Parks
Oct, 2017 –  Retama Village, Texas (visiting us)
August, 2018 – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
September, 2018 – Met with us at Quebec City hospital after’s George’s heart attack
Spring, 2019 – Belgium
August, 2019 – Haida Gwaii – off British Colombia coast
Sep, 2021 – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
June 2022 – Michigan
May 2023 – NY State, Quebec

When we travel together, we take turns preparing the evening meal.  Tonight was Tony’s turn.  We even write up fancy-looking menus…

DINNER:  We prefer to eat outside, but the picnic table was a little wet from an afternoon rain.  So, we ate at Joy’s dining room table.  He prepared pork loin, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and a Caesar salad.  Yum! 

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