Day #26 – Reuniting with friends

LOCATION:  Plattsburgh, New York.  Just 62 miles south of Montreal!
CAMPGROUND:  Valcour Brewing parking lot, a la Harvest Hosts.  Second time we have been here.  Very organized with marked parking for campers.  Pub/lodge/restaurant in old Army barracks.  Flat space, nice and quiet.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cloudy all day with a few sprinkles.  High 68

We got an early start from the Finger Lakes RV park.  Our drive started out paralleling Seneca Lake with vineyard after vineyard.  Many are perched above the lake with spectacular views. 

We turned Northeast and drove through farm country, with a lot of Amish.  Several signs warning about slow Amish vehicles on the road, and to prove it — horse poop on the shoulder!

The village of Seneca Falls was spectacular with many, many beautiful historic homes facing the lake.

We got close to Lake Erie, and then turned east.  Most of the day was spent in the Adirondacks, a national historic landmark.  We cut straight through it.  Lots of beautiful streams, lakes, and forests.  About every 5 miles is a parking area without any services, but handy to pull over for a picnic lunch.

As we went deeper into the forest, we started seeing, about every mile, these signs….

Just for fun, we counted the number of little towns we went through – 68!  Most made us slow down to 45mph.  Some were no more than a sign; others had at least a few houses and a church.

We arrived in Plattsburgh and got set up.  The brewery had thoughtfully placed parking signage for us…

Soon our Nova Scotia friends Tony and Jenny joined us.  They have been traveling in Maine, Vermont, and upstate New York for several weeks.  We will move to their campground tomorrow, and then travel together up to Quebec.  It is so nice to see them!  We wore our matching T-shirts (hard-won by sampling at a lot of wineries/breweries in Nova Scotia).. 

DINNER:  We shared an order of seared ahi.  Sides were Caesar salad and truffle fries.  Lots of the brewery’s beer accompanied the meal. 

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