Day #25 – Another day – another brewery, another taproom, another winery….Someone’s gotta do it!

LOCATION:  On Seneca Lake, in the New York Finger Lakes region
WEATHER:  Milder.  High 70

In preparation for an afternoon of imbibing, we took ourselves on a somewhat rigorous hike.  This one was categorized as “moderate”.  I don’t know who does these ratings?  Probably some fitness geek in his 20s.  The trail started straight up.  I was crawling up the hill, grabbing at roots and branches to pull myself up.  After awhile, it got much better. 

From the forest we emerged to a meadow.

This is part of a 400-mile trail throughout the Finger Lakes.  A section of our trail today was closed, so we had to turn back. 

We found some pretty falls along the trail.  To continue on the trail, you have to cross the river.  We opted to end the hike at that point!

On to lunch!  We went to a taproom that offers lots of beers and light pub food.  The RV park had given us a coupon for a free beer flight there, which saved us $12.  Nice!

Then, on to the next brewery.  The wineries and breweries are so abundant that you can almost walk from one to another.  This one has a breathtaking view over Seneca Lake

I sat out on the patio with some popcorn and a wine.  The wind was so strong that it blew all my popcorn away.  I gave up!

On our way home, we passed these beautiful falls.

We returned to the trailer and rested a bit.  Then, it was time for our last winery.  This one is about 1/2 mile away and we were able to cut through a field where our RV park owner had kindly mowed a path.  Again, we were able to use a $12 coupon for a free wine-tasting.  You can see our RV park (and almost see Joy) from this winery’s balcony.

We liked the Cabernet Franc, so we bought a bottle. 

The wind really picked up and even blew our “For Sale” sign away.  Too windy for a fire.  So, I started dnner prep.  I’m a bit concerned about taking fresh veggies across the Canadian border in a few days, so I cooked up a bunch of vegetables to freeze for future.  I will also have to figure out what to do with a dozen eggs before crossing (bird flu). 

DINNER:  Jazzed-up pizza.  We had some pizza leftover from a lunch meal.  I sauteed some onion, garlic, and salami to beef the pizza up a bit.  Pizza peppers and Parmesan to top.  Side was an arugula salad with heirloom tomatoes. 

BOOK:  “Live Wire” by Harlan Coben.  Typical Coben- fast-paced finding the bad guy.  3 stars out of 5

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