Day #24 – How can it be below freezing when it is almost June???

LOCATION:  Hector, New York on Seneca Lake, part of New York’s Finger Lake District
CAMPGROUND:  Finger Lakes RV Resort.  Full hook-ups.  Brand new park,  and laid out perfectly.  Beautiful shower rooms.  Spacious, packed gravel sites.  Picnic tables and fire pit.  At $89/night, it had better be good!  5 stars out of 5.  Location, location, location!
WEATHER:  Freezing (below) in the AM warming up to a beautifiul 70

It got down to 27 degrees overnight.  Since we were boondocking (in Elmira, NY), we didn’t have heat overnight.  We kept warm under 3 layers of blankets.  Each of us wore little hats to keep our heads warm.  When we got up, we saw frost on the truck..

George warmed us up with his Little Buddy propane heater.  The good thing about this is it does not use any battery.  It could have been worse….Our friends Tony and Jenny are camping about 5 hours north of here, and it snowed there!!

Normally at Harvest Host sites, one does not unhook.  But we had asked the owner/brewer if it would be ok to leave Joy in their parking lot during the morning since they don’t open until afternoon.  Sure. 

So, we took off to run a lot of errands.  First, we found a very homey, warm, local breakfast joint.  It is right out of the 1960s! 

It was packed with locals.  Everyone knows everyone.  The waitresses greeted everyone by first name and already knew their favorite dishes.

We shared an omelette which was very good.  No one else was sharing, and their plates were piled high with fattening food!

George then dropped me off at a laundromat so I could do a lot of laundry.  While I was busy doing that, he took the pick-up truck to get an oil change. 

On our way back to the brewery (where we had stayed last night), we stopped at a really nice supermarket to stock up. 

Errands completed, George hooked up Joy and we were off.  We took the back roads and soon were paralleling Seneca Lake, high up on a ridge.  Beautiful. 

First stop was Iron Grist Brewery for lunch.  What a great introduction to the Finger Lakes Region!  It overlooks the lake.  Great beer, NY wine, and a lunch sandwich.

This funny sign designates the men’s and women’s restrooms.  It took me a minute to figure it out!

This area reminds me of Michigan – every few feet is another brewery or winery.  Grapevines everywhere.  All with views of the lake below.  Beautiful!  We will only be here 2 days, but I would like to return sometime. 

We arrived at our RV park in the afternoon, and chatted with the owner who just built this park last year.  It is about 25% full, probably filling up in the summer and fall with people doing wine-tasting in the area. 

Handily enough, there are two wineries within walking distance from our campsite!  We hiked through the woods to one in the late PM.  The RV park owner has negotiated with some of the businesses around here to give us good discounts.  At this winery, we got a $24 wine-tasting free.  We bought a bottle of one of their Sauvignon Blancs.

Back at the campground, it was warm enough to sit out in the sun and enjoy happy hour at the picnic table.

DINNER:  Chili.  I added some hamburger that we had cooked previously on the grill, and added sauteed onions and tomatoes, and a can of chili with beans.  Delicioso! 

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