Day #23 – Bedding down at a brewery

LOCATION:  Elmira, New York
CAMPGROUND:  Upstate Brewing, through Harvest Host.  Parked in back in cement parking area.  Easy to park. Friendly, small brewery with food truck.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cold and windy!  High 55.
DISTANCE DRIVEN:  45 minutes

Wanting to work off yesterday’s Philly cheesesteak sandwich, I did a powerwalk to another section of the campground, a mile away.  It is the primitive section, meaning no hook-ups.  The sites there are really pretty – right on the lake.  Out of 30 sites, there were only 2 campers – a small RV and a tent.  Those tenters must be getting pretty cold at night!

We took lovely hot showers to take advantage of the very nice, but dated, showers.  It is the kind where the shower, toilet, and sink are all in one unit, more  like a house’s bathroom. There is even a heater!  The showerhead nozzle can be adjusted so you don’t get sprayed when you first turn on the water.  The water is so hot that I added some cold.  Usually in campground showers, it is barely hot even without touching the cold knob. There was a bench to sit and hooks to hang up my stuff.    It might seem silly to  go on and on about this, but it is the little things like this that you really appreciate while on the road. 

A faithful reader asking me about Pyrex and Corning cookware when I described the Corning Museum we visited. I was amiss in not mentioning it.  They had a display showing how it was invented, a real breakthrough for cooking.  And, in the gift shop there were lots of Pyrex casserole dishes for sale, as low as $6 for a nice, big one.  Too bad I don’t need one.

We aimed to arrive at the brewery around 3:00, before they got very busy so that parking would be easier.  That worked out great for us.  If there had been many cars in the lot, parking Joy would have been problematic. 

Since it was cold, and there wasn’t much else to do, we went into the brewery and sipped some beers (I had a nice dry New York rose’ wine instead.)

We enjoyed empanadas from the Dominican Republic food truck.  Very authentic!

Tonight was trivia night at the brewery.  We played along with 5 other tables.  We came in dead last, with a very poor showing.

Early to bed tonight to get under 3 layers of blankets.  It is supposed to get to a record-breaking low tonight – 27 degrees.  Our friends Tony and Jenny, about 5 hours north of here, got snowed on today!  It is almost June! 

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