Day #22 – Lots of glass in Corning, NY!

LOCATION:  Tioga-Hammond Army Corps of Engineers Park in NC Pennsylvania
WEATHER:  Cold again (37) in AM warming to 75

I took a fast exercise walk around the campground, noting the best sites for future reference.  Several campers are here for the maximum 14-day stay.  Almost all the license plates are from Pennsylvania.  No other Airstreams.

Then, we took off for a hike.  The map showed a 1.5 mile loop and was rated as “moderate”.  We started with an immediate uphill climb, the kind you have to double-over to go up.  Ummmm. ….moderate? 

It was a beautiful trail through the forest.  We looked diligently for morels, but alas did not find any. 

About halfway in, the trail abruptly stopped at a river.  There was no way to cross it.  We could see where the trail resumes on the other side.  I guess one could wade across in the summer, or perhaps sometimes there is not as much water so it is possible to cross.  In any case, we had to turn around and go back the way we came.

Our plan for the afternoon was to check out Corning, New York, just a half hour from here.  It is famous for its glassware.  We started the visit with lunch in their cute downtown, full of local shops, restaurants, and bars.  A nice vibe.  We found a place with good beers and a Philly Steak Sandwich.  We thought that since we are close to Philadelphia that we should have one. It was immense!  Even sharing it, we both felt uncomfortably full.  (It was so good we just kept eating!) 

Then to the Corning Glass Museum.  It is huge.  It is amazing what artists can do with glass. 

We went to a glass-blowing demonstration.  We watched a woman make a vase.  Such talent!

After a few hours of museum-going, our senses were on overload.  It is just too much to take in. 

Back to downtown to the Iron Flamingo Brewery so George could have a couple of stouts.  I was DD so enjoyed my glass of water…..  😦 

As George was building tonight’s campfire, we had a great phone call with our friends Tony and Jenny whom we will meet up with in just a few days. 

DINNER:  Grilled pork loin, mashed potatoes, and steamed peas.  I had baked a pork loin while back in Texas, froze it, and had George jazz it up over the fire tonight.  Tasty! 

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