Day #21 – From 36 degrees to 76!

LOCATION:  Tioga, Pennsylvania in NC part of state, close to New York line
WEATHER:  Very cold in the AM (36) warming up to a beautiful, sunny 76 in the PM

We bundled up overnight and George wore his tuque to bed to keep his little bald head warm.  🙂

It soon warmed up and we walked around the campground, identifying which spots to recommend to future campers. 

We had a nice lunch at the picnic table with a view of the lake.  Even though it is mid-week, and  pre-season, this campground is about 75% full.  I imagine in the summer it is quite crowded.  This is the view from our picnic table.  Notice that the hardwood trees are wrapped….We learned that there is an investation of lantern flies, and are trying to save the trees…

We found a trail map and headed to another part of this Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Area to start the hike.  We had to drive about 10 miles to get there. 

It was kind of an unusual trail – mostly through a meadow, around a lake.  We started out by fording a stream on top of some rocks that someone had thoughtfully placed there…

We lost the trail a few times as the grass was so tall….

But then, we would find a red mark on a tree marking the trail…

At one point, when we really thought we had gone astray, this park bench miraculously appeared.  We were OK!

The view from the bench was peaceful.  So green!

We hiked for about an hour, and then turned back for another hour.  A good work-out!

On our way home, George spotted this eagle in an abandoned nest.  Cool!

Back at the campground, George chatted with a new neighbor (of course) and got a fire going.

DINNER:  Mahi mahi fillet over soba noodles and stir-fried vegetables.  I wrapped the fillet in aluminum foil with a dab of butter, a squirt of sesame oil, soy sauce, minced garlic, salt, and pepper.  George put the fish bundle on the fire to cook.  Meantime, I did the soba noodles and veggies on the stove inside.  When the fish was cooked, I assembled a kind of noodle bowl.  Quite tasty and not too heavy. 

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