Getting settled back home

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot.  High 82

First things first!  A haircut!  After two months, I was in dire need of a cut. 

Then, a trip to the grocery store to fill our empty refrigerator and freezer. 

While I was doing all of this, George was working around the house and yard.  It is nice to return to a place where not much needs to be done.  Just some plant trimming and weed pulling outside, and turning on hot water and water.  Done!

It seems a bit strange to be back after having been gone for two months.  This is a summary of our route…

Red – flight down from McAllen, TX to Houston, to Buenos Aires
Green – two cruises.  First was Buenos Aires south to Falkland Islands and Chilean fjords, and back to Buenos Aires.  Second was Buenos Aires north along Brazilian coast to  Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval, then back to Montevideo, Uruguay
Green – 2 weeks in Uruguay, checking it out as a possible retirement place (probably not)
Blue – Montevideo to Cartagena, Colombia
Purple  – Cartagena to Miami, then to Dallas, and finally McAllen/Mission

In the afternoon, I worked on some summer camping arrangements and did laundry. 

While cleaning out a drawer, I found this old picture. It was taken when Alexis had her high school senior pictures done. Between professional shots, the photographer asked to take one of the two of us. I hadn’t prepared for it, so didn’t have any makeup on, and hadn’t done anything with my hair. I was just wearing old Saturday clothes. But….I think it turned out well!

DINNER:  Salad and some cherry tomatoes from our bush that survived!  Rotisserie chicken and a medley of sauteed broccoli, onions, and mushrooms. 

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