Back home!

LOCATION:  Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Unusually cool – 74.  Light rain

Check-in and security went easily at Miami Airport.  It irks me that every airport’s security is different – shoes on or off?  liquids out or in?  computer/tablet/phone out or in?  Etc.  Etc.  It would be easier if they were all the same, or would at least post signs while you are in line so that you know what, if anything, to get out of your bags. 

Whine, whine, whine

Yesterday, I posted the Juan Valdez Coffee Shop chain that is popular in Colombia.  Wow – there is one in the Miami airport, too!

The  3-hour flight from Miami to Dallas was uneventful.  We flew over the Mighty Mississippi.

  We had a one-hour layover in Dallas which was just enough to get from one end of the airport to the other, via the tram.  Just as we arrived at our gate, they started boarding.

Our friends picked us up the McAllen Airport – so convenient  – only about 10 miles from our house.  The airport was packed – Spring Breakers, I think.

Everything in the house was fine.  The flowers and bushes look pretty good too, except for some annuals that were in pots.  All died. 

With a barren refrigerator, we took up our friends’ invitation to join them for dinner.  So kind!

DINNER:  Cauliflower crust pizza and salad. 

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