Flying from Cartagena to Miami

LOCATION:  In airports

We arrived 3 hours early (thanks to my nervousness) to the Cartagena Airport only to find out later that our flight was delayed for 3 hours.  So, a LONG wait in the awful airport.  It is the kind where they have continuous very loud announcements overhead that you cannot understand – either in Spanish or English.  Very annoying.

It is a terrible airport, without any restaurants or any other redeeming feature.  It is located near downtown Cartagena and was built before tourism here became popular.  So, it is small and outdated.  We heard that they are building a new one out of town.

While waiting, we met a lady whose  husband got sick on a cruise ship while they were in Cartegena.  They had to disembark and he spent 4 days in the hospital.  Now they are trying to get home  to New York.  I need to start whining about waiting….

Do you remember those coffee commercials featuring Juan Valdez starting in the late 1950s?  He was a fictional character promoting Colombia coffee.  Since then, a coffee shop chain has popped up with his name.  They are all over the city of  Cartagena.  (instead of Starbucks, thank goodness!)

We arrived in Miami about 8:30 PM and went to our airport hotel.  We got a burger from the hotel restaurant and called it an early night.

BOOK:. “The Ways we Hide” by Kristina McMorris.  Another one of her historical fiction books, this one taking place in WWII.  4 stars out of 5

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