Preparing for Uruguay departure

LOCATION:  Montevideo, Uruguay
WEATHER:  Nice.  High 79

Today was moving day.  We packed our bags and left the little AirB&B apartment in downtown Montevideo.  It has been a good visit.

The taxi ride to the airport followed the rambla, the boardwalk, for miles and miles.  The Montevideo Airport is actually in a suburb, about 15 miles away. 

We checked into the Hampton Inn near the airport.   It is interesting how every chain hotel could be located in any country….they all have the same look.  This one is on a pretty lake and has an infinity swimming pool that flows into it.

We spent the afternoon in our room, reading and resting.  Not too exciting.

There are no restaurants around the hotel so we ate in the hotel’s dining area.  George had a “Hampton Burger” and I had 2 empanadas.  They were tasty

BOOK:  “Bruno’s Challenge” by Martin Walker.  This is a collection of short stories about my favorite French small town policeman who loves his wine, food, and life in the Bordeaux area.  4 stars out of 5

Early to bed as we have a 2:45 AM wake-up call!!!   😦 

Tomorrow we have a 5:00 AM flight to Cartagena, Colombia, transferring in Panama City, Panama. On to new adventures!

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