On the Italian Riviera? Or Uruguay?

LOCATION:  Montevideo, Uruguay
WEATHER:  Pretty nice.  High 79, cooling off nicely in the evening.

We tried to replicate our Sunday morning routine….George made some eggs and grits while I found some old CBS Sunday Morning podcasts to watch on my tablet.  Almost….

Before it warmed up, we took a long walk on “The Rambla” – a long boardwalk along the beach, stretching on for miles.  We were joined by about 5000 other people, strolling, jogging, and biking.  People really like to get out to enjoy the view and get some exercise. It seems very European.   Our apartment faces the beach on the Rambla Mahatma Gandhi Avenue….

Along the way, George checked out a little fish market, with some unidentifiable species….

On our way home, we found the neighborhood’s supermarket.  It is huge and very modern.  The deli section looked wonderful, including a poke-bowl station.  Cool! 

In keeping up with Sunday traditions, we had a Bloody Mary in the afternoon, then read and rested.

When it cooled off again, we were off to George’s favorite place in the neighborhood – the Montevideo Beer Company.  We figured out the system…..You go to the tasting bar to ask for a few tastes to decide what you like.  Then, you go to a self-service machine to order and pay.  It spits out a ticket which you take to the bar where they pour you the brewskis.  Pretty neat.

We sat outside in the cool evening and people-watched as we sipped.  Being Sunday, it was not as busy as last evening.

For dinner, we returned to a really nice Italian bistro that we had spotted last night.  We got there at 7:50, the first ones there, and waited until 8:00 until the doors opened.  The service and food were excellent.  We had a bottle of Tannat, Uruguay’s unique red wine and a pizza topped with prosciutto, slivers of mozerella, basil, and Parmesan.  The crust was like a cracker, and it was not greasy at all.  We ordered the small, and have leftovers for tomorrow.  It was really good, and a special experience.

BOOK:  “Evanly Bodies” by Rhys Bowen.  One in a series of books about a small town policeman  takes in Northern Wales.  In this episode, he runs across a Welshman from Patagonia – from the town that we visited a few weeks ago.  4 stars out of 5

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