And we are off……..!

LOCATION:  Somewhere over South America on an American Airlines flight

Since our flight wasn’t until 4:00, we had lots of time to get ready.  I did a lot of laundry and ran the dishwasher, so everything will be clean when we return in 2 months.  

I moved all my plants to the garden area where hopefully they will get enough water from the sprinklers.

Our friends drove us to the McAllen Airport (just about 15 minutes away) where we caught the 1-hour flight to Dallas.  There, we relaxed in a nice wine bar.  The wine was $19 for a small glass!  Can’t wait to get less expensive wines in South America.

Here I am with my roller bag – showing off how light I packed for two months….

The flight left about 8:00 PM.  What can I say except it was a long flight – about 10 hours.  Nothing eventful, thank goodness. 

We should arrive tomorrow (Monday) around 8:00 AM.  Until then…..

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