Cruising on the Love Boat! In Lisbon

We spent Day #5 in Lisbon.

They rolled out the red carpet for us!

We opted to just walk around instead of going on any guided tours.  First we stopped in the cruise terminal where we picked up wifi and did some internet work.

The weather was great for walking around – sunny and about 65.  Lisbon is a very pretty city perched on the water.

We passed by several pastry shops that sell  Lisbon’s famous quijadas – a type of tart made of cream and torched on top – like a creme broulee.

And, we also saw Lisbon’s iconic sweet cherry drink.  We passed on both.

Lisbon is famous for its seafood, with a large sardine canning industry and menus full of bacalao – cod.  This sardine shop sells sardines with very decorative cans.

Cod is king here, mostly sold dry.  Restaurants prepare it in many ways…

We were amazed at the number of tuk-tuks taking tourists around.  They weren’t here 3 years ago when we last visited.

We wandered around cute little streets until we found the market.  There are two areas – the traditional vegetable/fruit/seafood one and the more modern dining hall one.  We had planned to eat in there, but it was just too crowded.

George wandered off, and somehow used the women’s restroom!!!!

We found a much better venue for lunch – a little sidewalk cafe selling lot os different tapas.  We shared a platter of cod croquettes and a bowl of garfish (like a sardine) swimming in a wine/butter sauce.  The waiter kindly gave us some peasant bread to sop up the delicious broth. 

When we were here last time, we could not find the tram that goes up, up, and up to the top of the city.  Unfortunately, the escalator never works.  Last time, we hiked up the long, steep hill.  We didn’t want to repeat that experience. 

Finally, we found (with some difficulty) the tram to the castle overlooking Lisbon. From there, there area lovely views, including one of our ship…

We wandered back through the old town, Alfama.  The houses all have laundry hanging out and are covered with decorative tiles.

One of the neatest things about this area is that they have painted beautiful pictures on tiles of some of the old residents.  This one is called “The Three Marias”

And this one is of a woman in the area, famous for her kindness….

Back down, we walked through cute streets….

until we found our final stop of the day – a cute outdoor bar/restaurant where we had some Portuguese wine and olives.

Back to the ship in plenty of time before it sailed. 

DINNER:  Appetizers – George had 2 – chorizo croquette and a hot pot (Asian broth).  I had a caprese salad.  Main – George seared salmon with shrimp.  I had ramen with mushrooms and tofu.

We headed to the theater after dinner to listen to an Irish comedian.  The audience loved him, but he was not our cup of tea.  From there, we listened to one of the bands for awhile before bedtime.  Some people stay up to really late, but we like to go to bed early so that we can do morning activities. 

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