Final day in Bath

LOCATION:  Bath, Somerset, England
WEATHER:  Mild and sunny.  High 65

We spent today, our last day in Bath, enjoying our local scenery.  We took the canal hike from our back door to a little town that we had passed a few days ago.  It has the nice-looking pub George that wasn’t open then.  Today we timed it so we could have lunch there.

We chose the “sharers’ platter” which was really good – some type of kebab with lamb and rosemary, squid, Korean BBQ chicken, hummus, different flatbreads, and dips. 

George took the bus back to Bath while I returned on the footpath, doing a 2.5 mile power walk.  The exercise felt good.  I ended up the day later with 20K+ steps. 

We met back at the flat, and then went into the city of Bath.  The entire city of Bath has received the Unesco World Heritage designation.  This is the symbol on the sidewalk.

We did a little shopping, and came home.  I will miss all these cautionary signs when we leave! This one was in an inn with low ceilings……

This one on the train platform….

And this one in a pub….

Since there are a lot of international visitors here, they have these signs painted on the pavement. I read once that Winston Churchill almost got run over while visiting New York City, as he looked right instead of left, crossing a street.

DINNER:  Final leftovers meal – Omelette with everything in the refrigerator – onions, green onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, diced salami, and cheese.  It was just with the 2 remaining eggs, but it sure grew!

In preparation for our sailing tomorrow, we watched the Keeping Up Appearances episode about Hyacinth and Richard on the QEII.  So funny!  I hope we have better luck than they did!

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