Titanic again – 3 years later!

LOCATION:  Ibis Hotel, Southampton, England
WEATHER:  More typical English weather – rain most of the day.  High 61

Our hotel is right next to the cruiseships, so most of the hotel guests are coming or going from a cruise.  It is amazing to see how much luggage most people lug around! 

We walked around town a bit, into the old section.  This is the wall that used to protect the city long ago….

We stopped for a drink at the Titanic – thinking it appropriate for our upcoming trip!  🙂

The bartender took our temperatures before entering.  We passed!

I just received a Facebook memory from 3 years ago. Exactly 3 years ago today, we were in this very same pub as we awaited our cruise to Capetown, South Africa. This is a very homey pub with a fire in the grate, a piano for sing-alongs, and locals hanging around.  This lady brought her Pointer dog in for a pint…

We found a craft beer bar for lunch – veggie pizza, more like a tasty flatbread.  Leftovers will be breakfast tomorrow!

To kill time while it was pouring down rain, we went shopping at the Ikea next to our hotel.  It is really overwhelming!  Needless to say, we didn’t buy anything.

DINNER:  Again, with the constant rain, we didn’t walk to hike into the city to a nice restaurant.  So, with a bit of trepidation, we went to the TGI Friday’s in our hotel’s parking lot.  Although it was noisily packed with locals looking for “American cuisine”, we sat at the empty, quiet bar and had nice drinks and food.  We talked with the bartender who seemed thrilled to talk with genuine Yanks.  We shared an order of chicken fajitas.  Not bad.

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