Gardens of the French Riviera

LOCATION:  Beaulieu sur Mer, France – about 15 minutes east of Nice
WEATHER:  Spectacular.  Sunny.  High 73

We started our day with a 2-block walk to the town center where there were two fruit and vegetable stalls.  It is interesting to see how they deliver to yachts and villas….in English!  Indeed the customer in front of us bought more than $100 worth of goodies to take back to his yacht.

We stopped at the tourist office and got a lot of good info about how to spend our next few days and how to get to the Nice airport when we get ready to leave.  The staff person lived a few years in Australia so can speak excellent English.

One of today’s destinations was Eze, a historic village way, way, up the mountain.  Our bus took us careening up the mountain, around many switchbacks.  We really had to hold on!  The views of the Mediterranean below kept getting better and better.

Once we got to Eze, we could see the ruins of the old city, even higher up.  So, up we went!

At the top of the ruins is an “exotic garden” – one full of succulents  and statues.  On our way up, we walked by lots of shops and restaurants that used to be people’s homes

The gardens are interesting, and the views outstanding.  We could see over to Italy and to the sea below.

Lots of different cacti imported from all over the world.

We meandered back to the “new” town below looking for a lunch stop.  Everything is very touristy aka expensive.  Nothing appealed – hamburgers, pizzas, large meals….so we kept on walking and stumbled across a great humble Chinese restaurant.  The menu was in French and Chinese.  The Chinese waiter could only speak French and Chinese, too.  Interesting!

We visited 2 perfumeries located in Eze.  They grow a lot of flowers here, hence the perfume.  This is how they used to make the perfume.  The shops were bursting with customers…

One option for the tourists is to ride in a race car around the mountain top.  I would have felt like Grace Kelly had I rented this beauty…

George captured this photo of one of the race cars returning, along with the flag girl.

This is about as close as we got to renting one!  Hah!

Back down the mountain, crushed in the bus for a 30-minute ride.  Once down, we walked along the waterfront to the the villa and gardens of Ephrussi de Rothschild.  This was the home of Beatrice Rothschild who married wealthy Ephrussi from Russia.  We toured the beautiful villa with helpful audiophones…

And then walked through the series of gardens – Spanish Garden, French,, Japanese, stone, cactus, etc.

By this time, our feet could not walk more than the 14,000 steps we had walked today, so we caught a bus back to our apartment.  Being rush hour, we were packed in!

We decided to eat in.  We started with this lovely assortment of cheese, helpfully labeled…

It is a bit of a challenge to buy only enough food we will need for a week.  I bought some diced chicken breast to go with the veg I had bought this morning at the market.

DINNER:  In a skillet, I cooked (in butter) the chicken, sliced zucchini, green onions, garlic, and chanterelle mushrooms.  I served this over boiled finger potatoes with guess what….more butter sauce!  When in Rome…..

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