Walking along the French Riviera

LOCATION:  Beaulieu sur Mer, France – on the French Riviera just east of Nice
WEATHER:  Sunny and very nice.  High 74

Our plan today was to explore our immediate area.  Beaulieu is a nice seaside town, much quieter than Nice and other bigger cities along the coast.

First we walked down to our town’s beach, about 3 blocks from our apartment.  This is one of our neighbor’s houses.  They are all “villas” perched on hills.

The harbor is lined with yachts.  It is interesting to see where they are from – a lot from France, of course, but also Monaco, London, Hamburg, and Bristol.

There are very elegant beach-side restaurants in the harbor, very unlike beach shacks in the USA

The beach was hopping, mostly with pale British tourists, getting a sunburn.

We followed the footpath west toward Cap de Ferrat, another lovely seaside town. The yachts seemed to get bigger as we walked along.

The path took us past beautiful villas, including this one perched on the cliff…

When we walked by its backside, we realized it was the home of actor David Niven.

Cap de Ferrat has a lot of hidden beaches, and views of the yachts out in the sea.

We found a really cute, informal place for lunch.  We shared a delicious sandwich….It was a Nicoise salad inside a rustic bun – fresh tuna in oil, bell peppers, black olives, tomatoes, and anchovies.  Of course, with a white wine and a beer (Italian)

George was fascinated by all the high-end cars – Ferrari, Jacquars, Bentleys, etc with license plates from all over Europe – France, Italy, Belgium, Monaco,  Bulgaria, Portugal, UK, and even Ukraine and Russia.

The chaffeur in this car from Russia was waiting for his client to finish his day on his mega-yacht. 

The footpath took us up into the hills. 

In the little town on Cap Ferrat, there were a lot of tourists eating Sunday lunch, and attending the “prestige” antique luxury car show.

I spotted this yacht called “Joy Me”…..Perhaps I need to buy it to continue my “Traveling with Joy” plan??

We tuckered out after 15,000 steps so caught a bus back to Beaulieu sur Mer.  After a rest, we had happy hour in our apartment – rose’ wine, baguette slices, and country-style pate’.

DINNER:  Sushi!  We figured that there would be good sushi here – discerning clientele and fresh fish.  Indeed it was.  We shared a combo plate of sushi and sashimi.  We joked with the waiter, teaching him a few Japanese words.  We taught him “Oishikata” which means “It was delicious”.  He went back and told the chef “Oishikata”.  The Japanese chef came out to talk with us a bit.  So cool!

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