Ooo-la-lah! We have arrived on the French Riviera!

LOCATION:  Beaulieu Sur Mer – on the French Riviera! 15 minutes east of Nice
WEATHER:  Cool in the AM;  Sunny on the Riviera – 78

The breakfast at the hotel in Aix-en-Provence was fantastic.  I had a croissant with some potent goat cheese.  I just love it – the stinkier the better! 

We took a walk around the historic part of Aix-en-Provence.  It is very picturesque.  This section of town must hop at night, as there are many cafes, bars, and music venues.

The concierge at the hotel recommended that we take the direct bus, rather than the train, to Marseille.  He called a taxi for us that took us to the bus station.  We lucked out with a bus just getting ready to leave.  The ride was short as the traffic was light (Saturday).  The bus took us to the Marseilles train station which was a zoo.  We tried to buy our tickets using a machine, but it would not accept our credit card for $76.  So, while George was working on the machine, I stood in the LONG line to the ticket office.

Once I inched myself into the main area, the guard gave me a ticket so I would know when it was my turn.  For those of you who saw the movie “Beetlejuice”, I was reminded of the scene where he waits in line until he dies.  I went over to a worker and asked him if he could help me buy the tickets.  He was very helpful.  He looked it up, then told me that he could only sell me the tickets for $76, but if I continued to wait in line, that I could get them for $5 each, due to some promotion for today’s travel within southeast France.  So I did, and saved $66!

The line for the bathroom was as long as the ticket line, so George went to McDonalds to use their facilities.    They were offering chocolate burgers!

Our train was late leaving and everyone was standing under the monitor waiting for it to announce our track.  When it finally appeared, we joined the horde toward the train.  Luckily, it was a long train and we got seats. 

The ride from Marseilles to Nice was about 3 hours, mostly following the Mediterranean.  Beautiful seaside towns nestled in among the vineyards.  Jaw-dropping views of mega yachts in Cannes and Antibes. 

We arrived in Beaulieu sur Mer around 3:30  where we will spend a week.  We met up with our AirB&B host.  She introduced us to the apartment and left us with a bottle of rose’ wine from Provence.  Nice!

We are on the 4th floor of an apartment building.  This is the view from our apartment’s balcony…

We are above a supermarket where we shopped for some necessities.  We will return to buy some seafood for one night’s dinner.  I am craving mussels!

The apartment has a tiny washing machine, so I washed the dirty clothes we had accumulated on the canal trip.  We decided that this is the dryer….

Off to dinner.  There are a lot of gourmet restaurants here.  The customers look like they have just stepped off their yachts.  We found a nice place.

To save dollars (and calories), we ate off the appetizer menu.  We started with complimentary olive tapanade and baguette slices.  George had some snails…

And we shared a platter of ceviche.  It wasn’t like Mexican ceviche.  It was very thinly sliced sea bass in a a light citrus sauce, with bits of grapefruit.  Very tasty…

BOOK:  “Deal Breaker” by Harlan Coben.  I finished this up on the train ride today.  One of the many books in his series featuring Myron Bolitar.  Not as good as some of his.  3 out of 5.

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