Day #13 on the Canal du Midi. Happy Pre-Birthday!

LOCATION:  Outside of Beziers’ on the Canal du Midi, France
WEATHER:  Sunny,  High 88

I took a nice brisk hike along the footpath near where we had moored for the night.  It was good to get some exercise.  A couple of the guys are real birders, and enjoyed spotting some new species in the wetlands nearby.

Today was an easy day – not too far, and no locks.  Tomorrow, we will be docking at the LeBoat company canal boat rental basin to return the boat.  George and I will be “jumping ship” a day early because we have a long train ride to our next location. 

We stopped at another place along the canal for the night,  tying up with stakes along the canal bank.   Here is George helping to tie us up.

We realized that we are close to the Mediterranean, so took a 1-mile hike to the sea.  George went by bicycle.  We waded in the cool water.  The beach was almost empty, with only a few topless ladies, and a fisherman.  One of the ladies was so happy to get her toes in the water!

We had a lazy afternoon, reading and resting. 

DINNER:  Since we were not near a town, it was time to cook in again.  We are trying to use up all our food, so I made scrambled eggs.  George grilled some bacon and I made the eggs.  I added some onions, mushrooms, leftover cordon bleu, and cheese.  They turned out well.  Sides were a salad and leftover couscous. 

After dinner, one of the ladies surprised one of the other guys and me with a birthday surprise.  He and I share September birthdays.  We had balloons, candles, birthday cards, and ice cream.  What a thoughtful surprise! 

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