Day #11 on the Canal du Midi. Cruising through a long tunnel

LOCATION:  Colombiers, France – on the Canal du Midi
WEATHER:  Partly cloudy.  Light rain in the PM.  High 80

Today was an easy day on the canal – no locks.  We cruised for a few hours, then stopped along the way to look at some Roman ruins (which we never found).  It was good, however, to get a nice walk in.  Some horsemen were trotting through the area.

On our way, we had to go through a long tunnel.  Kind of cool

We passed through canal boat “settlements”.  People can get a permit to park permanently on the canal.  These little “villages” have boats of all sizes and in various conditions.

We go at a fairly moderate speed, and sometimes other boats pass us….

There is not much to see along the way except vineyards –  as far as they eye can see

This house on the canal looks very “French” to me.

We stopped for the night in mid-afternoon in the harbor of Colombiers.

  It started to sprinkle, so we put up the bimini and had a glass of wine with an assortment of cheeses ..

DINNER:  George found a lovely restaurant, one street away from the canal.  He ordered the fixed price meal of a starter and main course.  The starter was gravlax…..

The main was ….. cuttlefish. 

All perfectly cooked.  I  asked for a salad, but the waiter said they didn’t serve anything a la carte.  But  then suddenly, he served me a beautifiul letttuce and heirloom tomato salad.

BOOK:  “Evan’s Blessed” by Rhys Bowen.  This is the 3rd of the 3 books I accidentally checked out at the same time, part of a series about a North Wales policeman.  4 stars out of 5

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