Day 10 on the Canal du Midi. George is in trouble!

LOCATION:  Capestrang, France  – on the Canal du Midi
WEATHER:  Cloudy, keeping it cooler.  High 75

This morning we went through a series of about 8 locks, all automatic.  This means that someone has to jump off the boat, and push the button to make the lock open.  George offered to do that.  At one lock, 2 boats were coming the other way.  George pressed the button too soon after the boats left, before the lock closed on its own, and the mechanism froze up.  The canal authority people had to come out and re-set it.  Oops – George is in the doghouse.

We pulled over at a shady, grassy spot along the canal for lunch.  George pounded in the stakes, but apparently didn’t do it right, as a breeze blew them over and we started to drift away.  Again, George is in trouble.

We moored for the day in the Capestrang harbor.  We got one of the last slips available.  For full hook-up – water and electricity – it was $22/night.   The town has a very pretty cathedral.

We hooked up to water and filled up our tanks.  Another uh-oh on George’s part….he dropped the end of the fresh water hose in the filthy canal water.  Oops!

The harbor office/tourist information center offered a tour of the history of the canal.  We were the only non-French speaking guests on the tour.  It was kind of fun listening to the tour guide.  He went on and on in French, and then summarized what he had just said in English in about one minute.

Then, the harbor office offered a wine-and pate’-tasting, featuring local products.  We bought some, at surprisingly good prices – $7 for the wine and $5 for a big jar of country-style pate’.

Then, on to dinner.  The whole gang shared a table at a restaurant on the canal. 

Each of us had something different, so it was fun to see all the different kinds of food.  George had a fixed priced 3-course meal. ($25).  His first course was oysters on the half shell.  Interesting that they were served with soft white bread.

His second course was pork cheeks in a heavy brown sauce..

His dessert course was creme boule. I ordered a side salad.  It was HUGE!  Lettuce, tomatoes, and endive.  Beautiful

I have learned to order house wine, rather than a bottle, at restaurants.   This pitcher of local, red wine was $7.

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