Rochester….A great place!

Day 116

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
CAMPGROUND:  Oxbow Park & Zoo
WEATHER:  Rain in the AM.  Cooler.  High 68

It started raining overnight and rained all morning.  We had a little river flowing down the road.  I think it made the farmers happy.

The campground is starting to fill up.  During the week, we have had the place almost to ourselves.  By this evening, it will be full.  All the reservation signs show people departing on Sunday, and then we will chave peace again.

I went to Rochester.  I went shopping and bought some much-needed shoes – one pair to replace my scruffy hiking shoes and one pair to take on our upcoming Europe trip.  Everything has to be multi-purpose.  The dressier pair will be used to hike during the days (while we are in Europe) and nice enough to wear with black pants to dinner, etc.  I managed to get a pair marked down from $75 to $27.  I always love a bargain!

For lunch, I met three women who used to be my staff at another new restaurant in town.  We had a great conversation.  It was good to get caught up with them. (I forgot to take a photo!!)

Then, I did some grocery shopping in my favorite store – HyVee. 

Back to the campground where George had spent the day watching videos that I don’t like. We put away the purchases and packed up to go to a party.  Our old neighborhood was having a get-together to see us and to celebrate one neighbor’s birthday.  There were a lot of good snacks and beers.  We sat out on a driveway, like we used to do when we lived there. 

We talked a lot about real estate.  When we lived there, we bought our house for $149,000.  Now one is listed for $675K!  Wow! 

Sometimes we think about where we might live once we finish traveling so much.  Rochester seems to check off many of the boxes.  I saw this on the internet (so it must be true!) ranking Rochester one of the best small cities in the USA.

DINNER:  George filled up with snacks at the party – cheese, chips & salsa, tortilla roll-ups, kimchi (made by a South Korean neighbor).  I tried not to nibble much, so had a salad back in Joy. 

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