Busy day in Rochester!

Day 114

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 79

I got up early to rush into Rochester for a 7:45 appointment at Mayo Clinic.  Downtown parking is always challenging, and with our huge pick-up truck, it is almost impossible.  (I think it is too high to enter most of the parking ramps.)   So, I parked it in daughter Alexis’s apartment’s driveway.  Misjudging how long it takes to get to town, I had to run to the Mayo Building for the appointment.

Everyone is required to wear a mask on the Mayo campus.  Last year, they required all employees to get vaccinated.  Some people refused and were fired.  Good for Mayo!  Patient safety is #1. 

My appointment ran late, so again I had to run back to the pick-up in order to be on time for a coffee meeting with a former work colleague.  We had a nice conversation, catching up on family and camping adventures.

From there, I dashed to one of the many new Rochester restaurants called the Purple Goat to meet another friend/co-worker for lunch.

Meanwhile, I had lost my car keys.  I used George’s to drive into town.  Instead of a key, our pick-up uses a fob.  The computer came on saying that the remote (fob) was in the truck.  Once I got back to the campground, we tore the truck apart and finally found them.  Whew!

After a little rest at the campground, we went back to town.  George dropped me off at a nice bar/restaurant (100 beers on draft!) where I met yet another friend.  We enjoyed drinks on their patio and chatted up a storm.  Suddenly it was time for George to pick me up!

We (George, Alexis, and I) went to Prescott’s Restaurant, another one of our favorites in town.  It is farm-to-table and they grow most of their own vegetables and herbs.  Alexis had their butternut squash gnocchi with roasted beets while George and I shared a Greek salad, then their special Egyptian kabobs in a  turmeric//curry sauce.  Side was perfectly steamed broccoli.  Of course, we paired this with one of their good bottles of wine.  Heaven!

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