Rochester does it right….

Day 113

LOCATION:  Rochester, Minnesota
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 76

Rochester does so many things right…..This morning, I watched a van full of special needs people arrive, eager to clean the bathrooms and showers.  Their caretaker was very good with them.  The county must have a contract with this company.  It is a win-win!

Then, in to town for dentist appointments.  Our daughter doesn’t have a car, so she is making appointments to coincide with mine, so she can get a ride.  After a clean bill of health, we went to one of our favorite restaurants – Twiggs – for lunch.  Twiggs is inside one of the many hotels in town that cater to Mayo Clinic patients.  This restaurant has a special kitchen and menu that is gluten-free.  The flowers in front of the hotel are beautiful.

Speaking of Mayo Clinic patients, this article was on today’s news.  Although no one will say they were Mayo patients, the probability is high.

Rochester is experimenting with a self-drive bus that takes people (mostly Mayo patients) around town. Great idea!

Then, a shopping spree.  First was Savers, a very nice thrift store, where both Alexis and I scored some good deals.  Then to Aldi’s so Alexis could stock her larder.  Ching Ching.  Last stop was an Asian grocery store where she bought a lot of food to last her a while – like a 25 pound bag of rice!  More ching, ching! 

After an afternoon of shopping, we recuperated at another of our favorite restaurants – The Redwood Room.

This place brings back a lot of fond memories from when we lived here.  Sometimes on a Friday night after work, George and I would meet here (located downtown just a few blocks from our jobs at Mayo Clinic)  for happy hour.  The restaurant is very cozy, located one level below ground.  In the winter especially, it is very welcoming and warm.  With our drinks, they gave us slices of French baguette with olive oil dipping sauce and Parmesan cheese.  Afterwards, we would walk about a block and catch the bus home.  One time, we were the only passengers and the bus driver was playing some nice classical music.  It felt like we were in a stretch limo!

We dropped Alexis back at her apartment and came back to the campground.  George got a good fire going and cooked a package of bacon for future meals. 

DINNER:   Breakfast for George – pancakes, bacon, and an egg.  I had a big chef’s salad with a variety of lettuces that I had bought at the  farmers’ market a few days ago. 

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