Deep in the Wisconsin woods

Day 103

LOCATION:  Port Wing, Wisconsin – about an hour east of Duluth, MN
CAMPGROUND:  Bark N Beavers.  Quite unique – about 10 RVs here, some derelict.  No office.  Unpleasant bathrooms.  Nice shaded site with electricity and water.  George is delighted with a stand-up grill.  $33/night (cash).  2 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Sunny and hot.  84

We had a slow, pleasant morning at Apostle Islands Area Campground in Bayfield, then hit the road.  We drove west along Lake Superior.  Lots of undeveloped land here as well as Indian reservations. 

We stopped in the quaint town of Cornucopia.  What a great name!  It probably was named this, in part because of the shape of its bay, but also because of the bounty they captured from the lake – 3 million pounds of fish per year.  The harbor is still a busy one.

George bought some pickled whitefish, to give it a try.  There are a few shops like this one that used to be fish processing houses….

The beach is very nice and there were quite a few people swimming and sunbathing.  The land across the bay is northern Minnesota.

We walked back through the dunes to have a picnic in Joy….

Then on to our campground.  We had a premonition that it would be a little sketchy.  It was a 2.5 mile stretch on gravel road from the highway.  Pretty remote…

This is Saturday night, and due to my mistake with Ashland, Oregon instead of Ashland, Wisconsin, it was about the only thing last-minute I could find.

Over the phone, the lady said that there isn’t an office, but she would “find us” to pay.  Ummmm.  No credit cards; cash only.  Ummmm.  She also told us that a big dog would come to greet us.  He did. 

This is our neighbor….doesn’t look like it has been used in a long time…..

As we were setting up, a few biting black flies found us.  So, we spent most of the afternoon inside.  George watched golf on TV (great reception) and I read, all in air-conditioned comfort.  Actually, a nice quiet rest.

DINNER:  George scrounged enough wood to make a good fire on the stand-up grill.  He cooked some of our spinach/feta brats in an iron skillet over the fire.   Side was sweet corn.

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