Good-bye, Michigan!

Day 101

LOCATION:  Mercer, Wisconsin
CAMPGROUND:  Island View Resort, a Harvest Host site.  This is a typical “Up North”  fishing resort with 9 cabins and a bar & grill.  Room for 2 small RVs.  Extremely hospitable  owners.  Very remote, but road to the resort was paved.  Parked on grass near cabins.  Great, friendly bar/grill.  5 stars out of 5.
WEATHER:  Cool and overcast.  High 66

This morning was our last day in Michigan.  We were in the Lower peninsula and Upper peninsula for a total of 75 days, a great way to spend the summer.  Except for one day, we had no issues with bugs, and have had superb weather.  Other than Alaska, Michigan has been the only cool spot in the USA this summer, I think. 

Out of the 67 breweries/brewpubs in Northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula, we hit 55, many more than once! 

Now on to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and then back to Texas. 

The ski resort was very peaceful overnight.  Not in any hurry, we hung around in the morning.  I took a “power walk” on the road down to the highway, all downhill.  Uh-oh, then I had to turn around and walk up the steep ski mountain road. 

We said good-bye to this good overnight stop, and headed south and west.

We drove to Mercer to get our bearings on how to find the resort. It is a cute town.  We parked in front of the community gardens.

Then, on to the resort, about 10 miles out of town.  Mid-way, we were stopped by some tree workers.  One guy was cutting down a big, dead tree while another was pushing it over into the woods with a forklift.  Interesting!

On to Island View.  We met the young couple who now own and run this place.  They are delightful.  They bought it 3 years ago when it was really run-down and a “ghost town”.  Now it is hopping, and their cabins are full all summer long.  The couple like to camp, too, and get away for a month or so in the spring and fall, and then return for their busiest season…..winter. 

We parked in front of the owners’ RV.

This is the view from our front door – overlooking some cabins and Fisher Lake.

It is called Island View, as this is the view of the little island from the bar.

If you dare swim in the cold lake, you can take your beer out to this raft and enjoy….

Bingo was the main draw this evening in the bar and grill. 

Guests in the cabins and locals all packed in for the fun and for beers and dinner.  The owner said it is always their biggest night.  We played 3 games, but alas did not win anything.  The little boy next to us won the first game.  He was so excited!

DINNER:  We munched on their French fries while playing bingo and took a delicious mushroom burger back to Joy. 

What a fun place!

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