Sleeping on a ski slope!

Day 100

LOCATION:  Wakefield, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Big Snow Ski Resort on Indianhead Mountain.  A Harvest Host site. They have a gigantic parking lot, so it is nice and level and super easy to park.  This is our second time here.  Unfortunately, their restaurant was closed today, so we could not spend any money here!  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cloudy in the AM, sunny in early PM, then rain in late PM.  High 72

We talked with our schoolbus/motorhome neighbor Ryan who gave us a tour of his tiny house on wheels.  He did all the work himself – gutting it, designing it, then building it based on his needs.  He works from there so has a fantastic work station with lots of computers and printers.  Really interesting.

Since we will be leaving the Lake Superior area today, we made one last trip to a fish market to buy some smoked whitefish spread.  This shop came with high ratings.

We only had a 2-hour drive today, and gained an hour going west.  Not wanting to get to the ski resort too early, we stopped in Iron River to check out a brewery.  Are you surprised?

Sadly, and somewhat unusual for a brewery, the bartender was grumpy, so we didn’t have a great experience. 

We arrived and checked in easily at the ski resort.  From this photo, you can see how large the parking lot is. 

We walked around the ski resort property.  This area is famous for its Olympic ski jump training. 

DINNER:  Since I thought we were going to eat here, I hadn’t planned anything, so pulled a casserole of orzo/diced chicken out of the freezer.  Side was sauteed carrots in butter and dill.  Not too shabby for an unexpected meal. 

A plus here is that we get superb PBS reception, so we enjoyed watching the news and some nature shows.  The inverter works great for this, even though we are not hooked up to electricity.

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