Up through the Keweenaw Peninsula

Day 99

LOCATION:  Hancock, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  City of Hancock Municipal Campground
WEATHER: Very nice.  High 79

We are enjoying the views from our campsite.  Some kayakers peacefully made their way down the lake in front of us.

Then, The Ranger III came whizzing by, transporting people to Isle Royale National Park.

Today’s plan was a trip up to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  Our first stop was the Jam Pot, a very popular bakery/jam shop run by monks.  Several people had recommended this.  We stopped and bought a piece of fruit cake, strongly preserved in rum, and several jars of jam to use as gifts.

This is a bustling business for these monks.  There was a long line to enter the shop.

It is nice to see that the monks have a sense of humor…

On to Copper Harbor, the end of the road.  Sadly, the brewery was closed “due to illness” so we had lunch in an uninteresting restaurant. 

The drive was really nice, following the coast of Lake Superior. We passed by a lot of defunct copper mines.  Copper was really king here.

We stopped in Calumet, one town that used to be a bustling copper community.  George wanted to check out another brewery.  While he was drinking his beer, I was using the bar’s wifi.  I had an email confirmation for the RV park where we are staying this weekend.  As I looked at it, I realized with horror that it was for Ashland, Oregon!!!!  (Not Ashland, Wisconsin).  So, I had to call and cancel.    Not only did we lose $40 on the deal, since it is the weekend, I now have to scramble to find Plan B.  I feel so stupid!

When we arrived back to our campsite, we found that we have new neighbors….

The owner is a young engineer who lost his job at Disney and told us he then decided to buy and refurbish a school bus.  He might give us a tour tomorrow.  He works remotely and has a lot of technical gear. 

DINNER:  George made another great fire and grilled us some stuffed jalapeno poppers.  Yum!

Main course were hot dogs covered with chili on a ciabatta bun. 

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