Yay! Meeting up with friends

Day 64

LOCATION:  Empire, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Very nice.  High 82

This morning’s fun was a visit to the Glen Arbor Farmers’ Market.  It is bigger than the one in Empire, and has more vendors this week than last week.  More vegetables have come up!  Business was brisk.  We bought croissants and a baguette at the very popular bread vendor, after waiting in line for a bit.  A special treat was lions’ mane mushrooms.  We also bought asparagus, green onions, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and pesto. 

We stopped at the town hall for public wifi, then did some shopping in the grocery store.  The store stocks a lot of gourmet foods, for the summer tourists.

Back to the campground for a load of laundry.  What fun!

Our good friends Tony and Jenny from Nova Scotia arrived in the afternoon.  They will spend 6 nights here with us.  I have a detailed schedule for their visit.   Who says I micro-manage?! !!

They joined us for my “world-famous” margaritas, guacamole, and chips while we caught up with each other’s travels.  They are traveling across Canada, and just dipped down to Michigan for a few days.  We first met them when we were camping in Newfoundland – at two different campgrounds.  Since then, we have reunited in southern British Columbia, Haida Guai, Badlands National Park, California, central Canada, Texas, and here before in Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Last fall, we spent a glorious 6 weeks in Nova Scotia.  We even met once (not camping) in Belgium!  They are a delightful couple. 

DINNER:  Keeping with the Mexican theme, I made beef fajitas.  Along with the steak, I sauteed bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms with salsa and Mexican herbs.  All muy bueno.

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