So many wineries….so little time!

Day 62

LOCATION:  Empire, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Cool, but very nice.  High 68

After our Sunday morning ritual of George’s eggs, grits, and bacon, we headed out to the Leelanau Peninsula for an afternoon of wine tasting.

Our first stop was Good Harbor Vineyards which has a beautiful patio area. 

We had forgotten that today is Father’s Day.  The wine pourer said that yesterday (Saturday) was jammed, but since it is Father’s Day today, it would be very quiet. And she was right.  We had almost every winery to ourselves.

Number two was Laurentide Winery, on a hill overlooking vineyards.  We shared a cheese and cracker tray with our wine here, and called that lunch.  

There are about 25 wineries all within about 20 miles of each other on the peninsula.  Apparently the winds from Lake Michigan make for happy grapes, and tasty wines. 

Boathouse Vineyards was number 3 on today’s trip.  It is located on Lake Leelanau, and boaters can tie up here and have some wine.  We enjoyed sitting near the water watching boats go by.

Some swans came by and hissed at the boats.

We were planning to call it a day, but decided on one more….Bel Lago Vineyards, Wine, and Cider Bar.  A beautiful outdoor setting with a very good band playing outside.

When our friends arrive later this week, we will return one afternoon to do this again, perhaps at Bel Lago for pizza and music night, and then to explore others. 

DINNER:  Leftover pasta with a thick pasta sauce made from the Harvest Host farm’s homemade sausage.  Side was a lettuce (from the farmers’ market) and tomato salad. 

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