Brewery Celebration

Day 61

LOCATION:  Empire, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:   Indigo Bluffs RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool again!  Lows in the 40s; high about 60

Our friends left in the early hours to do a  10-hour trip through the UP back to Minneapolis.  It was so fun seeing them again, and showing them around here.

We went to the small farmers’ market in Empire and bought some good lettuce and shiitake mushrooms.  Many of the same vendors are at the larger Glen Arbor market on Tuesdays.  We like both.

While we were at the market, we noticed a lot of people on horseback riding around.  A vendor told us that it is the “Lake-to-Lake” trail week.  People ride their horses between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  The horses have to dip their feet in both lakes to prove they did the ride.  They take 5 days – 2 weeks to cross the state.

Then….drum roll……it was time for my hair appointment.  I always get nervous getting my hair cut on the road.  I have had both great and horrible experiences.  It is always a crap shoot.  Today’s was pretty good, but expensive.  I was lucky to get an appointment. 

We had lunch in Glen Arbor after the hair cut at a very cute bistro/cafe.  We shared a Greek pita sandwich.  Super nice staff.  When our friends were here, they commented that the restaurants/breweries in this area all seem very well-staffed, as compared to other  places they’ve been.  I think they are right. 

In the late afternoon, we drove to Frankfort, about 30 minutes away, to Stormcloud Brewery’s 9th year anniversary.  They had sponsored a lakeshore cleanup in the morning, and the participants were all there with their T-shirts and gifts.  Lots of kids playing games.  A food truck called Burger-Eating Bastard was supplying corndogs, burgers, and fries.  There were 2 bands.  We sat in the sun and had a very nice time.  We think their IPA is one of the best around.

DINNER:  Leftover fajitas.  I added some shiitake mushrooms and more onions.  Lots of bell peppers.  Good!

BOOK:  “The Forest of Vanishing Stars” by Kristin Harmel.  Excellent book about a girl hiding in the forest during WWII.  Roughly based on true Jewish survival stories.  5 stars out of 5

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