Fun with friends in Empire

Day 60

LOCATION:  Empire, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Perfect for outdoor living!  High 72

We (I) had a busy day scheduled to show our friends around. Perhaps I micro-manage?   First was a walk around our RV park to show them the resort side.  Very fancy. 

Then, a drive in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.  The pull-outs have views of the lake.  Beautiful!

At this pull-out, you hike up to the top of the dune, and then decide whether you want to go down to the lake.  We opted not to.  There were several signs warning people of the difficulty in climbing back up the 500-foot dune.  Needless to say, there were several people doing it.  When they ascended, they were actually crawling on all fours.  Did not look like fun!

On to lunch in Frankfort, a cute town on the lake.  We went to the brewpub there and had delicious lunches.  George and I split a vegan grain bowl.  It had some nuts in it for crunch.  Excellent.  We walked around the beach and the town.  Super nice.   We spotted this home-made camper.  Cute!

We stopped to do a 1.5 mile trail hike.  George and I had hiked this trail just a few days ago.  The winds yesterday must have toppled a big tree over, as there was one blocking the trail that wasn’t there before.  Sure wouldn’t want to be in the forest during high winds! 

Our friends wanted to rest and pack up for their trip tomorrow.  So, we dropped them off at their cabin, and George and I went on to Lake Ann Brewery, for some late afternoon music.  We really like the atmosphere here. 

DINNER:  We ordered burgers from the food truck here in the RV park.  I had the veggie bean burger. George had a bison burger.  Joan had a Hawaiian-style burger, and Dan got the chicken wings.   Sides were sweet potato fries and fried zucchini slices.   We had fries left from last week’s visit to the food truck, which I warmed and crisped up.  Side was a broccoli/Asian veg stir-fry.  We now have more leftovers than we started with! 

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