More exploration, more fun!

Day 57

CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Much warmer.  High 80

We went to the farmers’ market in Glen Arbor.  It was about 10 times bigger than the one in Empire.  A lot of really nice offerings – kale, lettuces, asparagus, cheeses, soaps, ceramics, and baked goods.  Since we had shopped yesterday, we didn’t need much.  I bought some interesting cheese and hot sauce.  We will come back next Tuesday with an emptier refrigerator!

Then, for today’s cardio, we stopped on the way home at a trail and gave it a go.  We saw a lot of pretty wildflowers.  George found some mushrooms and picked a few to bring home to cook and eat.  I was very wary.  (He has done this before and became sick.)  Thankfully, he realized they smelled bad and threw them out.  Crazy guy!

We put away the long pants and brought out T-shirts and shorts. 

In the late afternoon, we drove to Beulah, about 20 minutes away, to check out a  bar/restaurant where we might take our friends when they visit us.  We liked it, so will probably return.

We have one set of friends coming tomorrow, and I made a potato salad for tomorrow night’s dinner.  My mother was a terrible cook, but she did make a good potato salad.  Here is her recipe that I now use:

Boiled potatoes
Hard-boiled eggs
Mustard (I use Dijon)
Summer sausage chunks
Cheddar cheese chunks
Diced dill pickles
A little pickle juice
Hot sauce
Sprinkle dill weed on top

Just mix everything up.  It’s always better if you make it the day before.  With all this cooking, we had to turn on the A/C to cool off Joy.

DINNER:  I thawed the package of home-made sausage that we had bought at the Harvest Host farm a few weeks ago.  With part of the sausage, we made breakfast patties and froze them for future use.  With the rest of the sausage, I made a pasta sauce.  In addition to the sausage, I added onion, bell pepper, garlic, tomatoes, and tomato sauce for a thick pasta sauce.  I served over rigatoni pasta.  Side was a lettuce salad with an heirloom tomato. 

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