Behold the Bog Blog Post

CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Warmer.  High 70

Day 56

The plan today was a trip into Traverse City, about 20 miles from here, to do some major shopping.  On our way, we stopped to hike another trail in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  It was a 3.8-mile loop.  This hike was different in that it has sinkholes and bogs.  Very beautiful ferns and other greenery.  On all of our hikes, we have had the trails almost to ourselves.  So nice to enjoy quiet Mother Nature!

Once in Traverse City, we headed to The Filling Station Brewpub/Restaurant, located in the old train station.   It is famous for its flatbread pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.  We ordered a pizza with one side a Mexican-style spicy concoction and the other side a Greek-styled one with feta and kalamata olives.  Very good!  Beers were an IPA and a Porter. Good thing we took that long hike this morning!

Then, to the grocery store where we did $350 worth of damage!  😦    This should hold us for awhile. 

It started raining lightly right about dinner time, so we did not make a campfire, as we usually do.  George was able to use the gas grill to make dinner….

DINNER:  Grilled portabello sandwiches.  As he cooked them on the grill, I sprinkled on onion powder and rosemary.  I also had him grill/char a chunk of yellow onion.  I served the portabellos with Trader Joe’s eggplant/tomato mix, the charred onion rings,  and some feta cheese.  Sides were farro and a stir-fry of the greens I bought recently at the farmers’ market.  Need to use them up!   My refrigerator is bulging at the seams!!!

BOOK:  “Top Secret Twenty-One” by Janet Evanovich.  This is another book I picked up at a book exchange.  All of her books about the whacky bail bonds-woman are the same, but they do provide a good chuckle.  3 stars out of 5

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