Sunday traditions

Day 55

LOCATION:  Empire, Michigan
CAMPGROUND:  Indigo Bluffs RV
WEATHER:  Cooler.  It doesn’t seem like mid-June!  High 57

Being Sunday, we watched the big exodus this morning with a lot of people leaving the park.  The poor schmucks probably have to go to work tomorrow!  We talked with the campers behind us.  They, like many people, leave their RVs here all summer and come as often as they can throughout the summer – a combo of long weekends and a few weeks here and there. 

George made his Sunday morning grits, bacon, and eggs, but we had no CBS Sunday Morning.  The TV tower had some wind damage, so we can’t get that channel.

The big job today was laundry – I did 4 loads!  I wanted to take advantage of the good washer/dryer set-up here.  It’s always a pain to do, but it is so nice having everything clean again. 

Today’s outing was to Glen Arbor to check out their wine shop/tasting room.  It is really cute and off the beaten path, so not nearly as touristy/crowded as most places in town.  The wine pourer shared a lot of tidbits with us about more places to try out in the area. 

We saw on the news that most of the USA is going to have a heat wave this week.  Here, people are already starting to fear the predicted 80-degree high.  80 degrees does not seem that horrible, but it’s the big news here. 

We enjoyed our Sunday afternoon ritual of a Bloody Mary around the campfire.  (I forgot to take a photo)  😦 

DINNER:  Steak and vegetables.  I cut up pieces of a steak George had grilled last week.  It was still pretty rare, so needed some more cooking.  I added some chopped red and green bell peppers, some green garlic and green onions from the Farmers’ Market, and rolled everything up with some herbs in aluminum foil.  We tossed the foil packets right on the campfire coals to cook.  Side was mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. 

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