A Day on the Lake!

Day 23

CAMPGROUND:  Chain O Lakes Illinois State Park
LOCATION:  Spring Grove, Illinois
WEATHER:  Record-breaking hot.  High 95

We met with our former neighbors in Retama Village – Theresa and Bill.  Theresa used to be a professional fishing guide.  We met at a marina to get an early start on the lake(s). 

We are indeed on a chain of lakes, and moved from lake to lake, looking for the best fishing spots.  After a slow start, George got a sheepshead fish, then Bill caught one.  Nothing for Theresa or me.

  It is interesting to look at the beautiful mansions surrounding the lakes.  There are also quite a few bars and restaurants around the lake perimeters, and they really hop in the summer time.  There is even a floating barge that converts to Party Central. 

We passed by one of Al Capone’s old houses, now derelict.

Theresa got a mesasge on her phone alerting people about a heat danger.   Unheard of  temperature “feel” for this time of year above 100 degrees.   With no breeze, we were burning up on the boat.

At noon, we called it quits, and stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a cooling margarita and lunch.  We tied up at the restaurant’s dock and enjoyed their A/C.

On our way back, we stopped at Theresa’s  house.  They live in a 55+ community that is similar to Retama Village – golf course, pickleball courts, swimming pool, clubhouse.  Very nice.

Back to the campground for a luxurious shower (well, about as luxurious as one can get in a campground shower!)  George cleaned the fish, then Theresa and Bill joined us for a drink.  They brought us some frozen walleye fillets that we will enjoy another night.

DINNER:  Grilled sheepshead.  George did them just right….he left the skin/scales on on one side, then tented the filets with aluminum foil to cook throughout.  Side was cabbage salad. 

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