Maid-rites! …..A Taste of Iowa

Day 20

CAMPGROUND:  Stone Cliff Winery, a Harvest Host site.  Large, paved parking lot so easy to park.  Quiet, even though it is in the city.  Winery has good wine and pizza.  5 stars out of 5.
LOCATION:  Dubuque, Iowa – on the Mississippi River
WEATHER:  Thunderstorms, then cloudy.  High 64

We enjoyed our traditional Sunday morning breakfast with George’s bacon, eggs, and grits.  He jazzed it up today with our remaining morel.  Yum! 

Our plans to do some hiking this morning were dashed by fairly severe thunderstorms.  There were some real “boomers”.  It was interesting to see the almost-full campground vacate.  Since most of the campers are young, they have to leave early to get ready to go to work tomorrow.  Retirement is so much better!  There was a long line-up at the dump station. 

We left about noon in order to have lunch at an Iowa institution – Maid-Rite Cafe.  This is a small chain, only in Iowa,  featuring beef-burgers.  It is like regular hamburger but not in a patty.  They have a unique taste that I haven’t experienced in about 25 years.  Just one bite brought back fond memories!

We drove through the suburbs of Des Moines.  What urban sprawl!  What were cornfields just 2-3 years ago are now huge housing developments that go on and on.  Most are cookie cutter-type houses.  As we drove farther east and north, the landscape was all cornfields.  Some farmers were out prepping their land for planting.  When we pass through again in 3 months, the corn will be shoulder-high.

This is the second time we have been at this Harvest Host winery.  We knew that the parking and amenities would be good, so stopped again this trip.  There was a live band playing in the tasting room when we arrived.  It was a bit too loud, so we hung out in Joy until they quit. 

DINNER:  I tasted their cab and George had a local beer while our to-go pizza was being cooked.  Then, we took it back to Joy to eat in our cozy trailer. 

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