Checking out my roots!

Day 19

CAMPGROUND:  Cherry Glen Campground at Saylorville Lake Army Corps of Engineers.  Nice gravel sites with fire pit and picnic table.  Good bathrooms.  Some sites face lake.  Electricity.  $10/night.  4 stars out of 5
LOCATION:  Saylorville, Iowa – just outside Des Moines
WEATHER:  Beautiful!  Sunny.  High 74

We had a surprisingly quiet night at the distillery, even though it is right off Interstate 35. 

For exercise this morning, we walked over to the nearby casino.  It is quite elaborate with an RV park, hotel, and restaurants.  We always joke that on TV, the ads for casinos show young, glamorous people dressed in evening gowns laughing while hitting the jackpots.  In reality, the customers, like today, are sickly looking 75+ year-olds, in walkers or wheelchairs, with  a cigarette hanging out of their mouths, and looking dismal. 

In any case, the casino is on a pretty lake and people were out fishing and the Canada geese were squawking.

We saw these cute little babies.

We only had about an hour’s drive today, so took several detours.  First we went to Truro, the town where I grew up.

Sadly, there is not much left to the town, but there are a lot of new houses with people who seek cheaper housing costs, commuting in to Des Moines for shopping and working. They don’t have anything to do with the town, other than supporting the local high school sports teams. 

From there, we drove through Winterset, home of “The Bridges of Madison County”.  Winterset seems to be hanging in there.  They have built a new John Wayne Museum as he was born here.  Winterset is the larger town, county seat, where I went often as a kid – movie theater, pharmacy with soda fountain, swimming lessons, piano lessons, doctor, dentist, etc. 

We drove past a lot of beautiful farms and housing developments.  Everyone was out mowing their grass/dandelions. 

We arrived at our park mid-afternoon, and the place is packed.  No surprise – the first beautiful weekend of the year.  Kids everywhere.  Only 1-2 vacant sites.  We took a walk around the campground. 

Then, it was Kentucky Derby time!  We sipped on mint juleps while we watched the spectators on TV in their lovely hats, and then the 2-minute race with a very surprising finish.

DINNER:  Salmon burgers.  George was disappointed that there was not a stand-up grill, but used the firepit instead.  I had made the burgers by combining salmon, egg, bread crumbs, and dill.  Side was a lettuce/avocado/tomato salad, and some Trader Joe’s spiced chickpeas. 

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