Meeting up with an old friend

Day 18

LOCATION:  Osceola, Iowa – in south central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Revelton Distillery, a Harvest Host site.  Great level parking in their circular lot.  Beautiful setting and building.  Right off Interstate 35, but quiet.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cool and cloudy to start.  Scattered showers, then sunny and nice in afternoon.  High 65

Since the weather was not great at Perry Lake, we left mid-morning.  We said good-bye to the hundreds of tree frogs that we have been listening to.  On our way out of the park, we passed by the same section of road where we had found the morels yesterday.  Sure enough, I spotted one more.  Yay!

We drove through northern Kansas, then northern Missouri, and entered in to Iowa, my home state.  The distillery is quite new and is quite striking…

After a tasting of some of their spirits, my friend Kay from high school joined us.  She does not live far away.  We chatted in the distillery’s beautifiul lounge, and then went out to the deck to enjoy the nice sunset. 

It was SO good seeing her again.  We generally only see each other every 5 years at high school reunions.  My hometown is only about 20 miles from here. 

DINNER:  After the distillery, we brought Kay back to the Airstream to see it and to have some appetizers.  They were a Trader Joe’s assortment – olive tapanade on a baguette and some artichoke hearts.  We ate so much that we skipped dinner. 

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