Day 17

LOCATION:  Perry, Kansas – outside of Topeka
CAMPGROUND:  Rock Creek Campground at Perry Reservoir ACOE
WEATHER:  Overcast and cool.  High 61.  Rain in PM

We had a quiet morning, reading and doing stuff on the internet.  The weather was a bit warmer today and much less windy, so I took a 2-mile hike around the campground. 

Then, in the afternoon, before it started raining again, we took a 5-mile hike around some of the other sections of the reservoir area.  We saw some pretty flowers….wisteria?  lilacs?

When we were in a more wooded area, I said “This seems like morel season – cool and rainy”.  Then – eureka!!!!!  a morel mushroom appeared at my feet!!!!!! 

We excitedly collected a total of 5, and George picked some wild onions. 

George built a campfire with wet wood left from the previous campers.  He is a genius with fire-making.  We had my “world-famous” margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

DINNER:  Appetizer was morels sauted in butter.    Yum, yum!  They bring back childhood memories of my father picking loads of them, then frying them up to accompany a steak. 
Continuing with the 5 de Mayo theme, I made a casserole with tortillas, hamburgers marinated in fajita sauce, red onions, and cheese.  I topped it with tortilla chip crumbs.  It turned out muy delicioso. 

BOOK:  “Home” by Harlan Coben.  He is an author who has been around awhile, writing mystery/thriller books.  This one was quite good.  I will see what other books of his I have not read.  4 stars out of 5

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