The Kansas Prairies

Day 15

LOCATION:  Lawrence, Kansas in NE part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Z&M Twisted Vines and Winery, through Harvest Hosts.  Easy parking on gravel driveway.  Nice tasting room.  Super sweet owner/wine pourer.  Porta-potties (yay!)  3 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Mostly cloudy, some sun.  High 57

The rain did not return to Marion Reservoir where we stayed last night.  The wind also died down.  After a slow, relaxed morning, we took a nice hike around the campground.  The sun even popped out for a few minutes. This has been a very pretty campground – Army Corps of Engineers parks rarely disappoint.

An easy drive here through the National Tall Grass Prairie Reserve and Flint Hills National Wildlife Area.

We got settled in at the winery about 4:00 and chatted with the really nice owner.  She is from Italy, so I picked her brain about best places to visit.  Our daughter Alexis and I want to spend a few weeks there next fall.  The owner convinced me that Sicily is the place to go.   The wines were just so-so, but we  bought a bottle to support the winery. 

Another Harvest Host couple arrived and we talked with them a bit.  They had had a terrible day yesterday battling the wind and rain, driving in New Mexico and Oklahoma.  They are both travelling RNs and just finished up 6 months working in Phoenix.  They were thrilled to have been able to work at Mayo, my former employer.  They had only glowing things to say about nursing there.

DINNER:  We bought an Italian deli sandwich from the winery. 

BOOK:  “The Mercedes Coffin” by Faye Kellerman.  This is part of a series about a policeman and his very conservative Jewish wife.  3 stars out of 5

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