Big Bend Ranch State Park

Day 6

LOCATION:  Lajitas, Texas
CAMPGROUND:  Maverick RV at the Lajitas Golf Resort
WEATHER:  Cooler…..Only 102

The early mornings are so nice here.  As we sat outside eating George’s “Sunday Morning Special”, a roadrunner ran up to us to check us out.

Today was our day to do Big Bend Ranch State Park, the largest state park in Texas.  Lajitas, where we are staying, is between the national park and the state park. 

We drove the 60-mile highway that goes through the state park from Lajitas to Presidio, named the 6th most remote city in the USA.  The drive was spectacular.  Parts were like a roller-coaster…..when you reached the top of a hill, you could not see where you were going down.  A bit scary.  The highway parallels the Rio Grande River the whole way.

Presidio is a cute border town, right across from a larger Mexican city.  People go back and forth all the time.  I read that most of the Americans cross over to go to restaurants and shop there.  Conversely, gas must be cheaper in the USA, as we saw lots of Mexican license plates at the gas station.  We found a cute local place for lunch.  The people are super friendly. 

We took our time on the return, stopping first at a fort that is the largest adobe structure in the US Southwest.  We stopped at pull-outs to enjoy the scenery.  This is an area that has hoodoos.

And this stop had a gravel road going down to the Rio Grande River.

The canoe/kayak outfitters were there, but the part of the river that has water in it was pretty short.

This stop called Contrabando is the site of the set of 2 movies filmed here – The Streets of Laredo and Fandango.

Back in Lajitas, we visited the mayor…..a goat! 

DINNER:  We went over to the resort area, back to the Thirsty Goat Saloon.  You can order food there from the resort’s fancy restaurant and also their bakery/pizzaria.  We ordered a pizza, which was delicious.   Since we were about the only people in the saloon, the bartender switched the TV from a sports channel so we could watch “60 Minutes”.  Nice!

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