Yummy Texas BBQ!

LOCATION:  In our casita in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Darn!  Still rainy and cool.  High 59

The weather spoiled our plans to go to Progreso (Mexico) today.  We will postpone the day trip to next week, when the rain is supposed to stop.

Between rain showers, Pat and I walked around our neighborhood, chatting with other walkers.  She is so pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of everybody.  I showed her the clubhouse, craft room, pool, exercise room, etc.  We ran into our realtor who was showing our house to potential buyers, but still no nibbles.

I did some computer work, making more camping reservations for our summer trip. We will start the trip in Big Bend National Park. I reserved a tour and Harvest Host overnight stay at a jeep tour place with “Chris the Desert Dude with Gratitude”. Should be an adventure!

In the afternoon, we ran some errands – to the liquor store, pharmacy and to pick up tonight’s BBQ. Along the highway is a big citrus processing plant, now full of oranges and grapefruit.  These trucks just arrived from the citrus groves in our area.

I had posted on Facebook the question of the best BBQ joint in the area.  I heard from LOTS of people, all with different opinions.  492 BBQ seemed to win out, so we went there to pick up ribs and brisket.  Pat had a “hankering” for good ole’ Texas barbeque.

It really was good – pork ribs, brisket, and sides of cole slaw and charro beans.  I made a potato salad as another side.  We stuffed ourselves, as it was really good.

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