A nice outing on a dreary day

LOCATION:  In our new casita in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Dreary and cool again.  Drizzle most of the day.  High 47

Enough already with this weather!  A friend here in Retama Village told me that she is not getting out of her pajamas for 3 days…until it warms up again! 

A few of us ventured out to do line-dancing.  For me, it was good to get out of the house and to get some exercise.  While I was doing that, George went to Harbor Freight.  (If it is not a Home Depot day, it is Harbor Freight’s turn).  When he got home, he realized that he didn’t get the discounts he was supposed to.

So, after lunch, off to Harbor Freight again.  This time, I went with him, to make it an outing.  We also stopped at Sprouts, a small version of World Market, where we picked up some good veggies and some wine on sale.

Then, to top off the outing, we stopped at a cozy Argentinean steakhouse called the Wine Cow.   The Rio Grande Valley is interesting……There is a lot of poverty here, but also a lot of wealth.  The wealthy Latinos like this tiny restaurant and it really hops at night.  Bottles of wine at $300, steaks starting at about $50.  For us, a modest glass of house wine and an empanada appetizer…

They gave us complimentary toasted bread with chimichurri sauce…

DINNER:  Some of my chili leftover and frozen from the chili contest (in which I did not win…..).  Sides were a baguette and salad. 

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