Back to Mission, Texas

LOCATION:  Back in our casita in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 80

We left our friends Dan and Joan in Canyon Lake, where the weather was supposed to be perfect for them today.  They are busy checking the weather as it looks like they might have to face a blizzard on their way back to Minnesota tomorrow.

We stopped in San Antonio to go to Trader Joe’s – the closest one to us (5 hours away!!).  I stocked up on things only available in a Trader Joe’s, including 2-buck Chuck.  🙂 

The drive was pretty boring after San Antonio  – just miles and miles of desolate ranch land.  We stopped at a BBQ/Mexican place for lunch.  We shared a HUGE smoked turkey leg with pinto beans.

Mission is in the Rio Grande Valley as far south as you can get in Texas

We also stopped at our local HEB grocery store when we arrived in Mission.  I will be entering my world-famous white chili recipe and needed to buy all the ingredients.  It was interesting to see empty shelves, similar to what it was like when Covid first hit.  I guess it is a supply/distribution issue.

Back home, we unboxed deliveries that had arrived when we were gone – a stackable washer/dryer and a little coffee table.  It is like Christmas!

DINNER:  Grilled red snapper.  George used our gas grill that is now set up and hooked up in our outdoor kitchen.  I warmed up some farro and added it to sauteed onions and mushrooms.  I served the fish in a bed of the farro mix.  Very tasty

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