Big News! We bought a house!!!

LOCATION:  Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Very nice.  Windy.  High 82

While doing some gardening in the morning, I got a call from a friend reminding me of the weekly yoga class.  A Latina lady comes to our clubhouse once a week to teach a class.  She is very good, and I enjoyed the class.  Then, I had to rush back home to put on my swimsuit for water aerobics class.  When we are here in Retama Village, I like to think of it as a “spa” – my time to eat healthy and do a lot of exercise.  Today it begins (with a brief hiccup tomorrow, Thanksgiving)

Then, surprise, surprise!

We bought new house.  It is also in Retama Village.  It is bigger than our current tiny house – 780 compared to our current 480.  Its style is called a “casita”.  The current owners have built on a screened-in porch and an outdoor kitchen.  At some point, we will probably sell our Airstream, and the covenents for Retama Village require an RV in the tiny house-style that we are currently in.  With the new one, we can opt in or out of having an RV in the driveway.  Here is the link to the listing….

We did a lot of negotiation and signed the papers in the afternoon.  I am still in a state of shock!

DINNER:  Tamales.  There is a tamale restaurant here in Mission that is famous for its tamales.  They ship them all over the world.  I thought I did not like them until I tasted theirs.  The ones we had tonight are “spicy chicken”.  George got a dozen free on Veterans’ Day.  When we go there to eat – Delia’s – it is a bit embarrassing.  We share a half dozen while all the locals eat at least a dozen per person! 

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